LED Financial Displays & LED Stock Ticker Tapes

Our range of LED stock exchange tickers and other LED ticker tape displays are perfect for conveying news and numbers, quickly and efficiently.

We offer an extensive range of LED ticker boards, LED marquee, and electronic sign displays for use in the financial and banking sector.

LED stock ticker screens are ideal for displaying the latest stocks and share prices and are often used in dealing rooms. These kinds of LED scrolling message signs can be linked to specific financial ‘Newswire’ services to display the latest stock prices and financial/industry developments. In dealing rooms and on stock market floors, it is vital that the financial displays are fast, up to date and accurate, as huge investments depend on the information provided.

Stock ticker displays serve as valuable tools for traders and investors, providing quick access to essential financial information and enabling informed decision-making in the fast-paced world of finance.

LED Financial Displays & LED Stock Ticker Tapes

Financial News and Stock Market LED Displays

An electronic sign is an ideal medium for conveying constantly changing financial news. Typically, we install:

  • Stock Ticker LED signs connected to newswire systems such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, etc
  • Complex LED stock display boards
  • LED Exchange Rate boards for Bureau de Change
  • LED World Time Zone Clocks

Our digital signs and stock ticker displays can be updated manually via PC software, or they linked to your systems so they are updated automatically and instantly – removing the need for any manual intervention.

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