Indoor and Outdoor LED Display Products

Experience the perfect fusion of vivid imagery and lasting strength in our Indoor and Outdoor LED Display Products. Achieve remarkable clarity whether refining indoor spaces or making a bold impact in outdoor settings. Elevate your visual journey with the dynamic synergy of light and cutting-edge technology.

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Our Indoor and Outdoor LED Display Products

LED Full Colour Electronic Billboards

As one of the leading LED billboard manufacturers in UK, if you are thinking of buying an impressive outdoor LED digital billboard, you have come to the right place!

LED Clocks and Counters

Our LED Time Display clocks and LED counters can be used indoors or outdoors. With our indoor and outdoor LED clock and counters you can keep track of time and temperature data very precisely.

LED Currency Display Boards

Our bespoke Electronic LED Exchange Rate Board displays use the latest and most cost-effective display technology are the perfect addition to any currency exchange or financial institution.

LED Queuing Systems

Do you want to make queuing easier and faster? We can help enhance your business's customer service experience with a variety of LED queue management systems. LED queuing systems are an advanced technology that is revolutionising the way businesses manage customer flow and wait times.

Custom LED Displays

Do you need a bespoke, custom LED display? Our range of high-quality LED screens allows us to create bespoke indoor and outdoor LED displays that are tailored to each customer's needs.

LED Site Entrance Signs

Our LED site entrance signs are a great way for businesses and organisations to improve visibility and create a strong first impression. These signs use LED technology to display important information and can be easily seen from a distance.


Inbuilt LED Message Signs & Displays

Free your imagination and boost your business, with our customisable LED Message Signs and Displays. Use the latest LED technology to effectively communicate messages and information to a wide audience.

LED Text Display Boards

LEDSynergy’s electronic LED text display boards are a popular and effective way to communicate clear messages and information. These LED text display boards display bright and vibrant text that can be easily seen from a distance.

Large Outdoor LED Displays

Be sure to have your message seen with our large LED displays. Commonly used in advertising, marketing, stadiums, concert venues, and other entertainment venues to captivate audiences, our large LED screens can be customised to fit any space and are effective in communication and engagement.


LED Full Colour Video Walls & Electronic Billboards

LED full-colour video walls and electronic billboards are a visually captivating way for businesses to showcase their products, services, and messages both indoors and outdoors. With their vibrant colours and ability to display videos and animations, they can attract and engage people, ensuring that your message stands out in a competitive market.