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LED Advertising Billboards - The Advantages of LED Screen Advertising

As one of the leading indoor and outdoor LED billboard manufacturers in UK, if you are thinking of buying a digital billboard, you have come to the right place!

There are a number of benefits of outdoor digital display advertising, such as building brand awareness and being a good source of revenue, but the exact benefits will vary depending on where the advertising screens are located and what they will be used for.

Having a proper LED advertising board business plan in place will enable you to gauge return on investment and get the most out of LED video wall advertising for your business. Digital billboard technology, offers far greater flexibility and advantages compared to traditional poster billboards. Digital billboard displays can be programmed to display text, images, video and animations, quickly and easily.

A digital LED advertising screen lets you display digital images that can be changed every second through an operating computer. This makes it a great way to portray multiple adverts at the same location, while eliminating the need for physically printing and hanging the adverts. By upgrading a traditional poster billboard to a digital advertising screen or installing a new LED billboard sign, you can rotate multiple adverts on the same display, which can hugely increase revenue for the billboard owner, offsetting the initial digital billboard cost.

Large Outdoor Advertising LED Displays

Indoor & Outdoor Advertising LED Displays

As highly experienced LED advertising display suppliers and manufacturers, LEDsynergy can supply and fit a wide range of LED advertising sign boards, from indoor LED advertising signage boards to outdoor roadside billboard advertising screens.

Our high resolution, outdoor LED advertising boards can be as large or small as you want them and have a pixel pitch of anywhere from 6mm to 10mm. Waterproof, weatherproof and made from high quality materials, our outdoor LED billboards for advertising outdoors can be used as wall advertising boards, mounted to an existing building, or be floor/roof mounted on their own bespoke structure.

Our high resolution, indoor advertising screens can also be made to any size of your choice and have a pixel pitch of between 0.8mm and 6mm. This type of indoor LED light display advertising board can be wall mounted, suspended from a ceiling, or built into a freestanding bespoke structure.

Billboard Sizes

LED billboards tend to be built to standard advertising sizes such as 32 sheet, 48 sheet, 64 sheet and 96 sheet, however, we can build your indoor or outside billboard, to any size you'd like. Our LED advertising display screen panels are manufactured in LED module format which offers fantastic flexibility of size combinations. For example, they can be configured as 4 x 3 modules, 6 x 5 modules, 8 x 1 modules, or any other configuration that you may require.

Pixel Pitch & Resolution

Our LED billboards have an infinite colour depth, due to each pixel having a high bit digital signal source. Standard LED pitch for billboards is generally 6.67mm, but we can build your digital billboard with the pitch and resolution of your choice. Indoor billboards can be made with pixel pitches from 0.8mm to 6mm, while outdoor billboards can have a pitch of 6mm to 10mm.

Easy to Operate & Update

Our billboards are electronic full colour video screens and are controlled by PC with bespoke LEDsynergy software. The software is easy to use, and you can upload content such as images, videos and new messages as often as you like, instantly, offering endless advertising possibilities.

Outdoor LED Billboards situated by the roadside as advertising hoardings or at the entrance to sites such as shopping malls, business parks and leisure environments are ideal where large scale advertising to the masses is required. If viewable by traffic, regulations state that a single static image is shown, changing say every 10 seconds.

Turnkey System

We can supply all elements of the project from the steel framework to installation and commissioning of the screen along with support and maintenance.

LED Full Colour Digital Billboards

What to Expect from one of our Full Colour LED Billboards:

  • High quality live video feed or video playback
  • High resolution digital display screens
  • Manufactured with high quality LEDs for greater colour stability
  • Indoor and outdoor LED billboard options available
  • A flexible way to present your messages and animated graphics
  • Pixel pitches from 0.8mm to 6mm pitch for Indoor use and 6 to 10mm for outdoor use
  • Easily programmable by computer, to show the content you want
  • Infinite colour depth due to each pixel having a high bit digital signal source
  • Complete versatility and unlimited potential for advertising or promotional campaigns
  • Stunning communications tool

Electronic Advertising Billboards are Ideal for:

Our outdoor LED digital billboard systems can make a massive impact in the right environment. So, if you have a promotional message to get across to the public, an electronic billboard could be perfect for you.

You can expect exceptional picture clarity, vivid colours, superb resolution, and consistent picture quality from our impressive outdoor LED advertising displays.

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