LED Display Applications

LED displays and signs can be utilised for a multitude of tasks. Click on the relevant application to find out more.

  • LED Factory and Production Signs

    LED Factory and Production Signs

    LED electronic displays are an excellent way of reporting production information. The displays are constantly showing accurately updated figures and can show comparisons year on year or week on week...

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  • LED Tickers and Financial Displays

    LED Tickers and Financial Displays

    Our range of LED stock exchange tickers and other LED ticker tape displays are perfect for conveying news and numbers, quickly and efficiently.

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  • Scoreboards


    Who is winning? We supply a vast range of different types of sports LED scoreboards. From small, ...

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  • Military signs

    Military signs

    LED signs and displays are an ideal type of signage to be used on a military base giving instantly updated news and information.

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  • Health and Safety

    Health and Safety

    Awareness of Health and Safety policies is crucial for any business. Safety, Health and Environment ...

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  • Retail


    Keep your competitive edge Retail businesses have to be fast paced and adaptable. They need to ch...

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  • Reception and Welcoming

    Reception and Welcoming

    Give people a big welcome... and impress them! First impressions count so don't waste your chance...

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  • Office and Call Centres

    Office and Call Centres

    Convey information to office staff quickly and effectively. LED information displays can help you...

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  • Entertainment


    Let's have some fun! Entertainment businesses of all sorts are making more and more use of our LED electronic video screens...

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  • LED School Signs

    LED School Signs

    Helping the learning process with a wide range of digital signs for schools, colleges, and universities.

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  • Medical and NHS

    Medical and NHS

    Clinic Reception Solutions An LED message sign display in a clinic reception or waiting room can ...

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  • Transport and Highways

    Transport and Highways

    Helping people on the move Programmable LED VMS (Variable Message Signs) information display sign...

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  • Exhibitions and Promotions

    Exhibitions and Promotions

    Stand out from the crowd Exhibiting One problem with exhibiting is getting your led information ...

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  • Sculptural


    Beauty and functionality. Our LED message boards are not just functional; we can make them look truly beautiful...

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