LED Variable Message Signs for Transport & Highways

We offer a wide range of high quality, VMS signs for transport and highways applications.

As a leading variable message sign manufacturer, we are experts in the field. Programmable LED variable message signs, often known as VMS signage, are information display signs ideal for a number of application within the transport and highways sector.

These types of variable message signs (VMS) are extremely versatile and can be updated both quickly and efficiently. Variable message sign systems are updated by computer, meaning that real time information can be displayed. This makes these types of LED VMS signs ideal where information needs to be continuously updated and conveyed to the public swiftly.


Our LED variable message sign boards can be used for the following transport / highways applications:

  • Motorways - Motorway VMS signs / Variable message speed signs
  • Roads - Digital road signs / VMS traffic signs
  • Tunnels & Bridges - Vehicle queuing information / Toll information
  • Car Parks - Space information / Opening times
  • Bus Stations - Timetables / Destination information / Arrivals and departures
  • Train Stations - Timetables / Destination information / Arrivals and departures
  • Airports - Flight information display systems (FIDS)
  • Ferry Terminals - Sailing time information / Safey Information
  • Airport Car Hire - Vehicle location information
  • Factories & Distribution Centres - Delivery traffic management vms signage

A good example of how our variable message signs can be used, is on the Severn Bridge, where we installed a large number of full colour LED transport graphic boards at the toll. Different images and colours are used to distinguish between different payment methods and vehicle type, so that cars and lorries can easily see which lane they required from a distance. Images of this particular VMS information display can bee seen in the gallery above.

Our LED transport signs can be used in Car Parks, so that the flow of the traffic through the entrance and around the car park can be monitored and changed depending on the build up of traffic. If lanes need to be closed or areas are full, the screens can be used to quickly inform drivers. Our LED VMS road digital signs, are all highways approved to European Standard EN12966 and UK Highways Agency Standard TR 2136. These standards specify the performance requirements of VMS road signs on highways.

Another popular use for our multi line LED information displays, is within the car hire industry at airports. Hundreds of hire vehicles are parked waiting for their drivers and our VMS signs can be used to indicate the exact location of vehicles to drivers who need to find them.

Our LED information display screens can also be used for delivery traffic management to help with queues of vehicles at factories and distribution centres at delivery and 'goods- in' points.

Our displays are also regularly used in train stations, bus stations and ferry terminals to display timetables, arrivals and departures and FIDS in airports.

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