LED Military Signs

As approved military suppliers, LEDsynergy is the leading supplier of LED Army signs.

Military bases and barracks across the country (and in fact, the world) are places of high security, with the safety of personnel always a top priority. This means there is a requirement for an efficient information and communications system to ensure instructions and guidance can be given to those onsite quickly and effectively.

With up to date information and instantaneous updates of paramount importance in the military environment, LED signs and displays are the perfect solution.

Whether the information being communicated is traffic information, speed restrictions, welcoming information for military visitors, or the current security status, the signs need to be updatable both easily and instantly – functionality that LED signs and displays offer.


LEDsynergy is an approved military supplier, having installed LED site entrance and base information displays up and down the country to numerous military establishments from Army Headquarters and Army and RAF bases, to Naval bases and ships.

Safety information and status warning details are displayed on the LED screens at these military bases. We have installed LED informational displays onto the flight decks of navy vessels and helicopters (such as the display shown in the gallery above on the flight deck of HMS Illustrious).

We can manufacture the LED signs with the branding and colours of the military base itself, and include complex graphics such as crests, images of planes, tanks or whatever the customer wants. This level of detail makes each sign totally bespoke to the regiment and to the environment it is to be placed into.

The LED displays can be installed in several sites across the base yet networked and controlled within a single control centre.

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