LED Queuing Systems and Queue Solutions

Do you want to make queuing easier and faster? We can help with a variety of queue management systems!

Bank & Teller Queue Management Displays
You can keep control of queues and keep customers happy by using our LED teller queue management system. The teller pushes a button to show an led message directing the customer to that teller and the system shows that message on the LED message display (with an audio track if that fits your needs). These types of LED message displays are ideal in the banking and retail environments. These types of LED message displays are ideal in retail and banking environments, as they keep your branch queue management efficient and orderly, and your customers happy.

Vehicle Queuing
Vehicle queuing works in a similar way to managing a queue in a bank. LED message signs can be invaluable in managing vehicles. For example, in the warehouse environment, our signs are often used for ‘goods in’ deliveries. We have even built screens that show characters in reverse, so the drivers of the vehicles coming in can see them in a mirror when reversing. Our queue management screens can also be linked to a distance sensor, so drivers always know when to stop reversing. Which can help to prevent workplace injuries.

LED Traffic Queuing Systems

Ticket displays 
Ticket displays are ideal if you have a waiting room full of people. Each person takes a ticket in a numerical sequence and responds when his or her number comes up on the LED message display. You can have an audio component and call back numbers or display numbers out of sequence. These can be very useful in the retail sector, waiting rooms or clinics to help organise your queue management.

Surgery & Clinic Displays 
LED message displays can serve a vital role in queue management at Surgeries or clinics. The LED message display can be linked to the clinics appointments system. This means when a patient arrives at the clinic or surgery, they can check in. Once checked in they can be called by the Doctor or consultant, who simply have to push a button. This saves time for the receptionists to deal with other matters. The LED message sign can also be used to convey general information to patients.

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