LED Warehouse Signs and Factory Display Boards

Improve Messaging and Employee Productivity with Digital Signage for Factories

Programmable LED display boards for factories and warehouses are a great way to convey information to operatives, production staff, and supervisors. These information display systems help operatives to monitor their own progress, which, in turn, improves motivation and productivity and keeps your employees focused on results.


There are many applications for digital factory and production signage, including:

Output Monitoring

  • Production line counters give you accurate, up to the minute data
  • Units produced per minute, hour, day, machine, team, or person at regular intervals
  • Comparisons against a target or a previous period
  • Current performance vs the previous period or target
  • Overall results for the business as a whole
  • Real time production information

Production Status Monitoring

  • The data displayed can alert you to production problems such as monitoring reject rates and comparing them to targets or previous performance
  • Displays can also record information such as stoppages on a production line.  This information can be hidden and called up later for analysis and review
  • Show safety status or a state of alert
  • Remotely interrogate information stored in the LED display's memory


  • Display announcements to staff, either regularly or on a one-off basis
  • Display congratulation messages for good performance
  • Display time keeping reminders
  • Display changes to working patterns, shifts, overtime etc

Production Monitoring LED Displays

Digital factory visual display boards can be configured to constantly show your workforce their current output figures, boosting their morale when they are doing well and encouraging them to work harder when output reduces. Production monitoring LED displays that show targets vs actual figures to the workforce have been proven to work extremely well as a motivator.

Multiple programmable LED sign displays across the factory floor can be linked and networked, or show different production figures depending on how the production lines have been set up and how you want the information to be transmitted. The choice is yours and we can configure the software to meet your exact needs.

Announcements can be shown on the factory sign boards at any time, boosting morale without interrupting the performance figures. Many of the electronic sign boards in the image gallery show how easily figures can be read, and different colours can be used to very easily show whether efficiency has increased or reduced.

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FAQs About LED Displays for Factories & Warehouses