Full Colour Creative Video Displays

Flexible LED Video Curtain and Curved Video Walls

If you are looking for the wow factor, our flexible LED video curtain and curved video walls can certainly deliver!

When you want something that's a little different from the norm, or if you want to get creative and think completely outside of the box, then our range of creative LED video products will suit you.

Our Flexible LED curtain screens are an invaluable tool when you want to create stunning full colour video that's a little different than just a rectangular screen. The flexible LED is ideal for applications such as stage, TV, concert and performance, exhibitions, art installations, music venues, nightclubs and retail. In fact, they are ideal for pretty much any application where you want to stand out and make your mark!

At just 28mm thick, the displays are very slim, and installation can be very quick and easy. The high transparency also ensures that light, smoke, and sound can travel freely through the screen.


The Flexible curtain screens are available in 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 31.25mm LED pixel pitch.

Indoor or Outdoor use, IP65 waterproof rating.

The flexible LED screens are lightweight and transparent which makes them ideal for stage backdrops, exhibitions, indoor and outdoor events.

The structure can be installed in either a concave or convex format depending upon your requirement and application. This makes them the perfect solution to help you achieve creative stage design and irregular shape installations.

LED Sphere

If you want something completely different, then why not install an innovative full colour video LED ball? These stunning structures are available in diameter sizes of 1200mm up to 3600mm so it will make a dynamic impression on its viewers.

They offer a great visual performance, lightweight aluminium structure and have an excellent cooling system within the structure. With a small LED pixel pitch of 4.8mm and 360-degree visibility, they are an amazing choice of LED display for any application.

Perfect for shopping centres, hotel lobbies, night clubs or anywhere where you want to grab people’s attention in a most unusual way. LED ball displays can be suspended from a ceiling, or floor standing.


The LED spheres are manufactured to an extremely high standard and are vigorously tested to ensure the highest quality. This includes, bench testing, brightness tests, white balance, vibration, dark room and more.

360 degrees of full colour images gives you a stunning medium in which your imagination can run wild and with stunning content you will certainly 'wow' your audience.

Outdoor Double Sided Retail Sign

An eye catching colourful double sided LED shop sign to grab the attention of passers by.  An all round view and really simple to install and use.

Two different sizes with various LED pitch.

Put your logo onto the LED screen, show images, animation, use your imagination to grab attention!


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