LED Office Signs and Call Centre Display Screens

Convey information to office staff and visitors quickly and effectively with our LED office display boards.

LED information displays can help your business disseminate information to large groups of people, quickly and efficiently. With a robust LED information display system, you can even cascade information throughout an entire building, ensuring that company updates are communicated to all staff at once. With an LED display system from LEDsynergy, you can use our software to set up your own communication groups, so information can be displayed to whomever you choose, in whatever manner you require.

Effective communication between teams and departments is vital to the smooth-running of any business, and LED information display systems and scrolling display boards are ideal for this purpose. They can be controlled from a central point and are easily networked, either across a LAN network or through Wi-Fi. This means the displays can communicate with each other throughout the office.

Full colour LED video display boards or video walls are also a fantastic project management and training tool. You can use them to display your custom-made training videos and presentations, making them much more engaging, involving, and interesting.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Call Centres and Contact Centres

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Call Centres and Contact Centres

Our LED call waiting display signs are ideal for use in an ACD or call centre environment. The LED automatic call distribution display system provides a simple yet effective means of conveying information to call centre staff. Key performance information can be displayed, including real time information on the number of calls waiting, the average time per call, plus details of incoming and outgoing calls.

LED call waiting displays are flexible and customisable, so any combination of colours or formats can be used to convey information. This means you can colour code information on the call waiting sign according to the team members that the sign is aimed at, or the type of data that you need to communicate.

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