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Our LED Time Display clocks and LED counters can be used indoors or outdoors. With an LED clock and counter you can keep track of time and temperature data very precisely.
Our clock and counter displays are robust, versatile and you can use them in many different environments.

If your organisation operates globally, an LED world time zone clock is a great way of displaying the time in different global business locations. For businesses such as banks or dealing rooms this is a must.

Key features:

  • Very bright - Outdoor LED time display clocks are suitable for all-day viewing, even in direct sunlight. Our outdoor displays also display very well at night and in poor lighting conditions
  • Robust & reliable – Our displays and LED clocks are made to the IP65 standard, which means they are dust proof and they function well in wet conditions
  • Accurate - You can have them take their time signal from different sources. We can link the displays to the "Rugby" or "Time from NPL" time signal so they are incredibly accurate. [not sure what this means, refer to LED synergy for explanation]
  • Network - LED clock signs can be networked together in different environments with several "slave" clocks taking their information from a master unit to enable complete, accurate synchronisation
  • Multi-functional - You can incorporate an LED clock unit or Temperature Display into another LED display. This can give extra functionality to your information board. So you can display a current time reading, temperature reading or both
  • Wide coverage - You can show time in as many time zones or places as you need to
  • Large character height displays - If you need large time and temperature displays, then our range of 4 metre character high displays may be what you are looking for. These can display time, date, temperature and are primarily for outdoor use. You can also view a 4-metre character high display from long distances – as much as 1,000 metres

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Our LED counter displays have a wide variety of uses. They can display count up information and they can display countdowns. For example we recently produced a large number of Olympic countdown clocks for the London 2012 games. This sort of countdown can raise awareness of an event and also increase engagement as people realise an event is gradually creeping closer!

The software used to update our LED clocks and LED counter displays is intuitive and user friendly. This means you can update your display quickly, in case you need to change your messaging. However, if your display requirements are more complex, we can provide a bespoke, in-depth software solution.

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Many other methods of communication can be used such as TCP/IP networking, radio or telephone modems, Newswire services and SMS. For a specific enquiry or more information please contact us.

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