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LED Financial Displays & Stock Tickers

Helping with the finances

We have an extensive range LED ticker, LED marquee and electronic sign displays that are all suitable for use in the banking and financial service sectors. The very nature of electronic signs means they are a perfect way of conveying financial information.

LED ticker displays are great at displaying the latest stocks and share prices and LED electronic sign boards are often used in dealing rooms. LED electronic signs can also be linked to specific financial ‘Newswire’ services, showing the latest developments and prices. In dealing rooms and on market floors, it’s crucial that the financial ticker displays are fast and accurate. A lot of money can be made or lost on the strength of the information on these displays.

Financial News Displays

An electronic sign is an ideal medium for conveying constantly changing financial news. Typically we install:

  • LED Ticker displays connected to newswire systems such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, etc.
  • Complex stock market boards.
  • LED Exchange Rate boards for Bureau de Change.
  • LED World Time Zone Clocks.

Our electronic signs can be changed manually via software on a computer or we can link the LED electronic sign to your systems so it can update instantly.

Alongside the various types of dealing room ticker displays and sign boards, financial institutions often use LED world time zone clocks. For businesses that deal internationally, this is vitally important. International businesses need to know what time it is in the countries they are dealing with and when their dealings rooms open, so they can be ready to trade.
Bank & Teller Displays

Bank and teller displays are types of electronic sign boards that help control queues of customers. Bank & teller displays tend to all be arranged in a similar manner, but we can adapt to your needs. Often there is a series of small electronic signs at each teller or one main display that indicates when each teller is free. The teller then pushes a button when he or she is free to attend to a customer and the teller’s number is displayed, so the customer knows where to go. 

There is also the option to have an audio track if you need one.

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