Stadium Banners

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Stadium Banners

Historically, stadium perimeter banner display boards were basic signs with static graphics, this obviously limited each display board to promote one advertiser. Nowadays, these have been replaced with LED stadium surround displays, LED scrolling display boards that act as an electronic billboard for potential advertisers, this gives the stadium and club a huge potential for advertising revenue.

The LED scrolling display will show animated text, graphics and advertisers logos to dynamic effect. The adverts can be as stunning and eye catching as you like, and the main advantage is that many advertisers can be displayed on this electronic billboard display, giving a greater potential for revenue.

There is obviously more outlay in cost initially to buy the LED scrolling display banners, but from then onwards there are no additional costs involved, except creating the advertising graphics which is a cost that can be passed onto the individual advertiser and, of course, because of the huge potential in income from the electronic billboard banners this means that the signs are quickly paying for themselves.

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