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Sculptural LED Signs & Boards

Beauty and functionality

Our LED message boards are not just functional; we can make them look truly beautiful. The LED screens will turn heads and become a focal point for visitors.

Custom LED signs and screen displays are being used more and more for sculptural as well as functional forms. With careful use of materials and creative and innovative casing design, we can deliver an eye catching and pleasing piece of 'art' that performs a function at the same time.

Imagination is the only limitation, so with a huge creative potential any of our LED message boards can be turned into something truly inspiring that will undoubtedly turn heads and become a focal point. You will certainly become a talking point amongst your customers!

The LED screen displays shown above are a sculptural exhibition in itself, a series of single line displays of varying lengths were suspended on wires from the ceiling in a random fashion displaying random text in various colours. It was truly a sight to behold. 

Bespoke Solutions

LED screens and custom LED signs are often used by artists in their work and exhibitions, the versatility of the screens and the content they can relay is used as a palette by the artists to convey light, expression and colour in an inspirational and thought provoking way.

The Perspex cube shown was part of an art exhibition that had the theme of square boxes and their many forms, various materials were used to create the cubes.

The LED screen installed within the stainless steel sculpture was commissioned by The Times newspaper and showed news along with a countdown clock. It was a striking piece of art. It was one of two identical sculptural custom displays commissioned at the turn of the Millennium.

Another quite common bespoke way of installing an LED screen to form a sculptural element is a vertical monolith, with vertical text. A structure such as this can be constructed in various different ways and from various different materials such as stainless steel or glass.


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