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Large Outdoor LED Screens & Displays

When size really matters

A large outdoor LED display screen can be spectacular, particularly at night. At night a large outdoor display can go from looking great all the way to stunning. When an outdoor display is implemented correctly, it could even become a landmark.

The public can see large LED outdoor screen displays from long distances, in all types of lighting conditions. This is a huge advantage over other display advertising methods. The display itself can really enhance the perception people have of your business.  Plus, they look seriously impressive!

For example, over the years we have installed numerous outdoor displays. One such display was a large outdoor LED display for Sunrise Radio in Leeds. The display sat at the very top of their building and incorporated an LED clock display, temperature display and a general information display.

Another large outdoor display structure that we are proud to have built was a large outdoor LED display on the top of BBC Television Centre in 2010. The purpose of the outdoor LED display was to broadcast news about the 2010 General Election results as they were happening. The characters on the display were a staggering 400mm high, so they were visible for miles around.

These types of large scale LED outdoor screens and digital billboards can be installed almost anywhere, even moving vehicles. For example we have installed a large outdoor LED display onto the side of a HGV lorry. This lorry was then driven around the UK to publicise the British national debt. The truck made a real impression on the motorways of Britain!

40 Years Experience

We have had vast experience installing large outdoor LED display screens on buildings for promotional and publicity use over the past 40 years. We have worked on displays for theatres, cinemas, leisure centres, offices and, as we mentioned above, a lorry!

Clocks are also a very popular choice for large scale outdoor LED screens. We can build time unit only displays or the temperature can be incorporated into the display too.

We can also create outstanding LED video wall displays and digital billboard systems. These screens can make a massive impact in the right environment. So if you have a promotional message to get across to the public, a video wall could be perfect for you.

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