Full Colour Outdoor Video Walls

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Full Colour Outdoor Video Walls

LED Modules for outdoor video walls

Outdoor Video Walls with high resolution images, animation and text are a highly powerful medium for advertising. For many years, we have seen LED video walls (also known as direct view LED displays) when out and about. Businesses use them to grab our attention and help them to sell their goods and services.

These types of LED video walls have come a long way over the past few years, and the LED screen walls of today are technologically far superior than they were even just a couple of years ago. Whether you want to stream full colour live images from a sporting event or live performances on stage at a festival, our LED outdoor video walls are the perfect solution.

With 6mm, 8mm and 10mm LED pixel pitch sizes available on our LED video screen modules, you can be assured of stunning image quality.  What’s more, because of the construction of the modules, both the horizontal and vertical viewing angles are very wide. Additionally, our cabinets are constructed to IP65 waterproof rating and are thoroughly tested.

High brightness levels in excess of 7500 ensure exceptional picture quality in direct sunlight and our 16 bit LED drivers display a wider spectrum at all light levels of brightness, to give a greater variety of colour and uniformly smooth viewing experience.

The LEDs themselves are or course the most important component used in the manufacture of our LED displays and account for approximately 60% of the total cost. To ensure the uniformity of the LEDs, we use same BIN LEDs for our display, guaranteeing the same high quality of brightness and colour, negating any need for calibration of the screen.

Calibration is only necessary when an LED screen manufacturer uses different BIN LEDs and calibration then dims all of the LEDs to the dimmest LED, which obviously leaves you with a substandard screen. We always ensure that our screens have the highest quality of LEDs from the same batch.

Outdoor LED Curtain Wall Displays

If you are looking for a much bigger LED screen to cover a larger area such as a building, then our innovative LED curtain screens are what you need. Designed specifically for large outdoor fixed installations with advertising in mind, their slim depth cabinet is only 56mm thick and the LED strips can be installed either horizontally or vertically depending on the application.

This is the perfect product where you need a high level of transparency with low weight, low power consumption and of course, low cost. The manufacture is of the highest standards, IP67 casings, military grade connectors, and the highest quality of LEDs, meaning that you get exceptional workmanship and build quality.

Our LED Curtains are available in a range of different LED pixel pitch sizes, giving you a strong and versatile medium to convey promotional information at a very large scale with a viewing distance from 20 to 3000 metres!

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High transparency between the cabinets with low power consumption and lightweight build. 25% to 75% transparency. 

IP67 rating to the front and back of the cabinets ensure full weatherproofing.

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