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Inbuilt LED Message Signs

Free your imagination and get a stunning LED Message Sign for your business.
Our LED message signs are flexible and modular. This means that they are ideal to create custom LED displays for your business. You can build our standard LED signs into an existing structure or housing, or you could even install the sign within a totally new point of sale cabinet.

We can create custom LED displays by running them around an object, at an angle or even a curve. With our years of experience, virtually anything is possible. We can place LED message signs anywhere you want them, within reason. We can run them up walls, recess displays into floors and place them behind nearly opaque glass. We can even run them across ceilings!

One installation that we are proud of is a custom LED display which is inbuilt within a point of sale stand at a shoe shop. We placed blue LEDs in the middle of the display stand. This contrasted beautifully with the silver body of the stand and really caught the eyes of customers and passers-by.

LED message signs built into point of sale are an attractive addition to any retail outlet. As you can see with the images above, customer love the bright messaging that an LED sign can bring.

We have also created custom LED message signs for use in the tourism industry.   One of our installations integrated an outdoor LED sign into a freestanding information panel for the City of London. Aside from showing helpful maps of the area, the LED message signs were used to show additional tourist information and advertising.

We can really build our LED message signs into anything. At the turn of the Millennium we replaced the time line in the ground at the Greenwich Observatory with an electronic display! Whatever your display needs, get in touch with us today.


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