Full Colour Video Walls

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LED Video Walls & Electronic Billboards

LED Walls - High resolution images that catch the eye

Do you need to display complex graphics or animations? Perhaps you want to show video images during live performances or sports events?

A high-resolution direct view LED display, LED wall or video wall is a strong and versatile communication tool. An LED wall provides unlimited communication possibilities. So the marketing and advertising potential of an LED wall is limitless.

Flexible Sizes

The LED digital display screen panels are manufactured in LED module format which gives you a great deal of flexibility with size combinations, for example - 4 x 3 modules, 6 x 5 modules, 8 x 1 modules, whatever your configuration.

With creative graphics, text, animation and video you can create a truly dynamic promotional video. Combine this with one of our LED digital displays or LED wall systems and you can make a huge impact on your audience.

What to expect from an LED electronic billboard or Video Wall :

  • A flexible way of presenting your messages and unique animated graphics
  • High quality live video feed or video playback
  • High resolution digital display
  • Manufactured with high quality LEDs which have greater colour stability
  • Full colour displays have an infinite colour depth due to each pixel having a high bit digital signal source
  • Complete versatility and unlimited potential for advertising or promotional campaigns
  • Programmed by computer to show the content you want
  • Indoor and Outdoor video display screens
  • From 0.8mm to 6mm pitch for Indoor use and 6 to 10mm for Outdoor use
  • Ideal for applications in advertising, promotions, shopping malls, traffic control, concerts, sporting events
  • Stunning communications tool

Graphic electronic billboard & Video LED walls are ideal for:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Auditoriums
  • Music Venues and Concerts
  • Large Shopping Mall entrances and Car Parks
  • Large Offices
  • Outdoor Arenas
  • Outdoor Music concerts
  • Sporting Stadia

You can expect exceptional picture clarity, vivid colour, superb resolution and consistent picture quality from our LED wall displays.

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