Custom LED Displays

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Custom LED Signs and Custom LED Display Panels

Do you need a bespoke, custom LED display?

Everything we build is, in some way, tailor made to each customer’s requirements. However, if your requirements are unique we can help you with a custom made LED display that will exactly match your requirements.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Enhance a simple LED display screen by using larger casing to include your corporate branding or static lettering
  • Give the LED display its own look by using different colours, text or even stunning graphics
  • Install a LED screen within totally bespoke casework, custom LED signs specifically designed and manufactured for you
  • Write software specifically to make a standard LED electronic sign do a completely non-standard job
  • Alter firmware to make an electronic display function in a particular way, for example, to make text read vertically or in reverse
  • Mount a combination of standard LED screens in large casing to display a wide variety of differing types of information

We design and build non-standard custom led signs and electronic LED displays from scratch. We are confident that we can build any LED display. Previously we have built an LED screen made to look like an American Express card and a Vodafone display in a case which resembled a pager. Custom built LED displays are incredibly striking and can really draw attention to your business.

Custom LED Display Panels

Size is no limit!

There are no limits to the type of displays that we can create. The largest custom LED display we have built was a sign 42 metres in length with 2 metre high characters. The display was installed on top of the Reuters building, overlooking the Dome for the Millennium celebrations. Each LED module was carefully installed with specialist equipment, to create a huge custom LED display to go with the celebrations.
Some years ago we installed a large outdoor custom LED sign along with a combined neon and graphic board for Vodafone in Piccadilly square.  This LED display was one of the first interactive displays that have recently become more common in cities all over the world. To interact with the LED display, customers could log into a webcam on the company’s website and send a message to the LED screen on the display. The message could display immediately, or at a date and time set by the customer. This made the display very useful for ‘Happy Birthday’ messages!

The scope of what we can do with LED signs is vast. So, whatever your specialist requirements, give us a call or email us and we can do it!

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