XBox One gives its Players the Total Surround Experience

How would you like to play the XBox One and the whole game is playing around you? Well that's what some lucky gamers did when they visited the 'XBox One Experiential Tour' last summer with the help of LEDsynergy LED screens.

Every now and then you get a really interesting and ‘fun’ project in the LED display industry and this one definitely falls into that category!

The project saw LEDsynergy supply LED screens inside a large square pod to the walls and the floor in order to give the user a total surround experience whilst playing the Xbox One.

The ‘Xbox One experiential tour’ was a marketing campaign orchestrated by The Shopper Agency for Microsoft  to raise the profile of the Xbox One.  Following its launch in late 2013 the Xbox One had settled into the number 2 position in the console market and their brief was to get GAME shoppers to experience the power, graphics and gameplay of the Xbox One in a fresh and interesting way.

This meant taking the customers away from the fixture where the existing demo console had become boring and engaging shoppers with a new retail experience.

The Xbox One Gaming Pod is a unique, fully immersive gaming station with LEDsynergy LED pixels screens on 3 walls and the floor, with surround sound, to make the gamers feel like they were really in the game.

The Gaming Pod toured 10 different locations across the UK over 50 days and visitors would compete for exclusive prizes and were rewarded with offers to drive purchase.

The campaign was a huge success, the pod had an automated video capture and social media share functionality. This was all supported by a multi channel campaign using online, social and in-store to recruit, engage, amplify and reward.

The Xbox gaming pod welcomed over 1300 gamers across the country and many had engaged with the brand for the first time and many went on to purchase the console.

LEDsynergy supply and install LED screens across a wide range of industries and environment and have done for over 35 years. From the leisure and entertainment industry through to sporting, banking, factories, transport and highways to the military, whatever your requirements we have the solution.

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