What To Consider When Picking Locations For Outdoor Electronic Signs

A really effective way of targeting customers these days is through the use of outdoor electronic signs. Technology is such now that you can do an awful lot more with billboard advertising than you used to be able to – but even with smart tech helping us really target our ad campaigns to suit various demographics, you still need to make sure you’ve put your boards up in the right place.

Before you splash the cash on a billboard, you need to know that you’ve picked the right location otherwise you simply won’t see the return on investment you’re hoping for. Visibility of your board is absolutely key and should be prioritised when it comes to making decisions. Make sure that it’s front-facing – people certainly won’t be walking around trying to read your messages and bear in mind as well that they’ll typically be in transit, either in a car or walking about.

As such, you should make sure your ad is clear, concise and eye-catching – and doesn’t take long to read, so that consumers know exactly what you’re trying to say, what you’re trying to sell and where they can go to buy it for themselves.

Height is also another point to bear in mind when deciding on a location for your LED billboard. Too high up and people won’t see it, too low down and the result will be the same. Think about when you’re in the car yourself – where’s your line of sight? This will help inform just how high your billboard should be.

Once you think you’ve worked out the perfect place for your board, go down there and have a look yourself. Do a good sweep of the area to see if there are any obstructions that could prevent people from seeing your ad campaign. If so, you’re probably best off finding somewhere else. While there, also take note of how much through traffic comes past – you need a certain number of people in the area to make it worth your while putting a board up in the first place.

Another factor of billboard location is your demographic. There’s no point in installing a board where your main target market is simply never found. So perhaps your first step should be sitting down to think about where your consumers are most likely to spend their time and then look for a suitable place to put your board.

It’s also wise to check the area out to see if there are lots of other boards in place already. In places like Piccadilly Circus and Times Square, you’re sure to see an incredible amount of advertising from a wide range of different companies – but it’s the done thing in these places so competition isn’t necessarily something you need to worry about.

But elsewhere, if a square or street is saturated with ads you could find your company is viewed unfavourably if you add to the clutter… so try and find somewhere that you’re not going to be one of many.

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