Wembley Stadium Gets New LED System

Wembley Stadium Gets New LED SystemThe system of LED displays which brings action, information and ads to the tens of thousands of people who attend events at London's Wembley Stadium has been updated, bringing a new integrated approach which improves performance, flexibility and cohesion, according to Digital Signage Connection.

There are two main LED displays which act as the central attractions in this fresh setup, both of which have curved surfaces rather than the typical flat aspect which is found in many other arenas. The curved displays are not only easier to mount on a stadium which is obviously built around a curved design itself, but this also means that fans can benefit from an improved viewing experience as a result, according to stadium spokesperson Roger Maslin. Each display has a high-def resolution of 528x1560 spread across an area that measures 8.15 metres tall by 23.88 metres across.

These main LED displays are augmented by a ribbon LED display which snakes its way around the entire 360 degrees of the stadium, providing unbroken space for sponsors to place ads and assorted information to appear during sports matches and other events. The ribbon display is just three quarters of a metre high but runs for a full 612 metres around the stadium, with a resolution of 36x30,114.

Advertising revenue is obviously important in this type of venue and the LED displays are able to give sponsors great coverage throughout the duration of events. Meanwhile the high-res, large scale screens will allow fans to see live replays and other footage when they visit.

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