Wearable LED Display Provides Athletes with Information

Wearable LED Display Provides Athletes with InformationWearable LED displays are becoming increasingly common and a variety of different teams are working on this type of technology, with different goals in mind.

While fashion may be the chief aim with many wearable LED displays, there is also the opportunity to provide important information in other circumstances through this medium.

PSFK reports that an LED displays system, created by Anderson Nelson, has been designed with the needs of athletes in mind.

It is incredibly light so as not to weigh down the wearer and it can also display a range of different data sets in real time, ranging from the current pulse rate of the person in question to the company that is sponsoring them in their endeavours.

While an LED display of this kind will clearly appeal to professionals, it also has applications in the consumer market and can be used to show how many calories have been burnt during a session of exercise.

The screen is synchronised with a smartphone or other portable device, in order to receive the various information readings that it requires. It might be appropriate for those running marathons for charity who want to share their progress with the crowds.

The LED mesh can be made up of various units, with blue or white LEDs available at the time of writing. Because it is built into fabric, it is flexible and can be placed on the front, back or sides of the athlete.

This particular device is currently taking part in a Kickstarter campaign in order to seek wider funding. Two different sizes are available and prices start at around 100, so it is not necessarily the cheapest product on the market, but it definitely has some interesting applications in the competitive and casual fields.

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