Vogue harnesses LED displays for ad campaign

Vogue harnesses LED displays for ad campaignA network of LED displays and digital signage located in 12 of London's busiest stations will be used by Vogue magazine in order to promote the upcoming December issue, which will be made available with exclusive content for anyone who buys it to view within the associated iPad application.

Vogue is partnering with WIRED magazine and using the range of displays owned and operated by JCDecaux at stations including Kings Cross St. Pancras and Waterloo. The campaign will also be going nationwide with a presence in Birmingham, Leeds and even Glasgow.

The campaign is only running for one day, featuring a video clip running for almost a minute and a half replayed at half-hourly intervals. The video contains a look at the world's best supermodels of the past ten years, along with images from a photo shoot conducted by Mario Testino.

It is expected that around 15 million commuters will be exposed to the ad during the day-long event and a shorter ad is running throughout the week starting on November 9th.

Magazine publisher Jean Faulkner explained that the iPad digital version of both Vogue and Wired offer readers a unique way to enjoy engaging content in an interactive environment and that it is hoped the campaign will raise awareness ahead of the launch of the next issues.

Faulkner was a little less optimistic about the reach of the ads, saying that around two million commuters will be reached via the extensive network of LED displays and digital signage located in and around the UK's largest travel hubs.

JCDecaux's Spencer Berwin explained that using these displays would allow the magazines to be advertised to the kind of affluent audience which will be most likely to own an Apple iPad in the first place.

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