Virgin Trains Billboards Feature Travel Data In Journey Time Comparison

Coming up with bespoke LED displays can be tricky if you want to do something a little different to stand out from the crowd. Using other technology that’s at your disposal is certainly wise – so take a look at what Virgin Trains is now doing in this regard for a bit of inspiration.

According to Campaign Live, the company is pulling together location and traffic data to display information for drivers on billboards above highways and byways, letting them know how much quicker it might have been to travel by train instead of car.

Motorists in London, Leeds and Birmingham are currently being targeted in this new campaign. In especially heavy traffic periods, other sites at service stations in these areas will also be set live.

Marketing director for Virgin Trains Katie Knowles was quoted as saying: “Integrating real-time data feeds into this roadside campaign produces a clear and hard-hitting message for drivers: that Virgin Trains is a quick, easy and viable alternative. During peak travel times when congestion is heavy, the live stats deliver our message in a compelling and impactful way.”

See what Sainsbury’s has also been up to in train stations if you want further ideas for your own campaigns. The brand recently broadcast live sunset information on boards in London and Edinburgh, allowing them to embrace the extra hours of sunlight and plan weeknight barbecues with friends and family.

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