US skyscraper gets LED signage

US skyscraper gets LED signageA large building in the centre of the American city of Milwaukee has been adorned with new LED signs, to promote the brand of the bank which owns it, according to the Business Journal.

The US Bank building has played host to a number of signs over the years, although its 42-storey exterior was last updated with fresh displays 11 years ago, so there was a significant need for a replacement.

What makes the use of LED signs so appealing in this instance is not only the visual impact they have, but also the energy that they are able to save.

Organisers believe that the annual reduction in consumption which will be facilitated thanks to the adoption of LED signs, will allow for savings of around $25,000 (?15,656) each and every year. The new signs use about 325,000 kilowatt-hours less energy annually and so the bills for powering them will inevitably be smaller.

The signage atop this skyscraper was illuminated for the first time at the start of the month and it should have a much longer lifespan than the system it replaces, since LEDs are not only efficient, but require less maintenance and need replacing less often.

Buildings across the world, in the US, the UK and internationally, are beginning to transfer from traditional signage solutions over to LED alternatives, as a result of the benefits that are outlined in this case.

Companies need to balance the advantages of having highly visible, branded signage on building exteriors against the cost of installation and maintenance, but with LED signs, this is less of a problematic dichotomy.

The signs on the US Bank building in Milwaukee will eventually be able to justify the procurement cost in energy savings alone, before the brand recognition benefits have even been taken into account.

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