Unique waterproof LED displays created

Unique waterproof LED displays createdA range of new LED technology which is water resistant and perfect for either indoor or outdoor usage has been created by Cree.

The LEDs are rated to withstand conditions which are in compliance with IPX6 and 8 ratings, which in short, means that the LED displays made using these units will not require a separate protective cover. This in turn will significantly cut down the time required to erect and remove a display, while also making it a better long term solution for continued operation.

Removing the need for a protective covering has other benefits for the Screen Master PLCC6 range LED displays because it will improve brightness in outdoor situations as there will be no surface layer sapping a certain degree of the luminance from it.

Meanwhile, the Screen Master CLX6A-FBK range is specially tuned to make sure that the contrast ratio is appropriate for any indoor situation, making sure that the displays are completely legible and engaging. Viewing angle has also been carefully considered, with the displays offering wide ranging imaging which can be enjoyed by all.

Cree's Mike Watson, said that the water resistant SMD LED technology created by the firm was yet another industry first to be chalked up in the history books. He explained that the LEDs would be able to provide a crisp, clean image which is perfect for high definition displays where image quality is of paramount importance.

It is always exciting to see new developments in the LED industry come to fruition and any improvement to the technology which makes it easier for the end user is definitely worth celebrating. With the public becoming far savvier about the quality of LED displays, making the investment in a screen which can entertain and wow is becoming ever more important.

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