Unique LED display arrives in flagship Dublin store

Unique LED display arrives in flagship Dublin storeIn what is a first for the UK and Ireland, an LED display is being set up in a retail outlet for fashion franchise New Look located in Dublin, which uses the latest MicroTiles technology to create an engaging, original experience.

The New Look store opened at the beginning of November 2010 and the MicroTiles display was created by Mood Media to mark the occasion. The LED display can support animations, still images and video with the intention being that it will be harnessed to make sure that the products and branding of New Look are properly marketed.

The LED display is not the only enticing aspect of this new store because New Look has also invested in bespoke music and signage systems which will help to keep shoppers coming back for more and establish the flagship store as a key retail destination in Dublin's Jervis Street Shopping Centre.

Mood Media's Vanessa Walmsley, said that the MicroTiles LED display, which also combines some projection elements, was harnessed in order to catch the eye of consumers and produce a setup that is unlike anything seen elsewhere in the UK or Ireland.

The LED display is particularly flexible because it can be modified and customised to meet the particular requirements of a given client and will be easily manipulated to fit into whatever space is available in-store.

The MicroTiles system is produced by Christie and a spokesperson explained that the LED display would be able to change and keep time with the seasonal alterations made to the fashion lines which New Look sells from its various retail outlets.

If the first installation of this type of LED system is successful then it could make a greater impact across the UK and Ireland when other retailers follow suit.

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