Ultra widescreen LED monitors unveiled by LG

Ultra widescreen LED monitors unveiled by LGLG is a respected manufacturer in the display market, as well as occupying many other niches across the electronics industry. This week it announced the release of a pair of new LED displays, which are endowed with ultra widescreen panels as opposed to the more common aspect ratios used by this type of device.

Most standard monitors stick with a 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio, but for LG's new displays, this has been bumped up to 21:9, with a native resolution of 2560x1080 employed alongside the IPS panel.

These LED displays are designed to make it easier to be more productive, because they can support multiple simultaneous windows being opened alongside one another, at the same time.

Before widescreen monitors became popular, achieving this was nearly impossible. With the ultra widescreen resolution available on these new displays, those working in a professional environment will be able to get even more done in a day.

Each of the two LED displays measures 29 inches across the diagonal and LG has created a feature called 4-Screen Split, which is intended to help take advantage of the extra onscreen real estate.

Users can divide the display up into four sections, each of which can have its own aspect ratio. This will make it simple to dedicate a certain area to an app, keeping it visible at all times, even if the user is getting on with something else.

A variety of inputs are available on each of the displays, including HDMI and DisplayPort, which ensures compatibility with both Windows-based machines and Macs.

The main difference between the higher end model and the standard screen is that it includes a digital TV tuner, to expand its capabilities beyond basic deployment as a monitor. LED displays like this will appeal to a specialist audience, but one which is justifiably large.

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