Times Square Upgrades Displays

Five bespoke LED displays have been installed at Times Square as part of a revamp of one of the most famous displays in the world.

It is made up of nearly 2,000 square feet of video displays, and the main screen comprise four smaller displays that are 68 feet wide and 24 feet tall. There is also a three-foot-high ribbon display reaching 77 feet along the side of the building on 41st street.

The new displays use an exterior SIVideo product with a 10mm pixel pitch. They all employ surface mount device pixel packaging.

"This project installation did not come without challenges," said project manager John Pisciotta.

 "The display hovers pretty close to the ground, just 10 feet above the sidewalk and directly above one of New York's busiest subway stations."

Opening this winter in some of the coldest temperatures New York has ever seen the new displays shoed a digital art initiative called 24:7 for the first 30 days of operation. It was created by Tzili Charney and featured artists from all over the world.

Times Square has been a centre for advertising since the 1920s, after the area began to grow into a popular theatre district after the first world war. This was largely fuelled by the total revenue in advertising at the time, which grew from $25 million to $85 million over a decade.

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