Times Square store gets fresh LED display solution

Times Square store gets fresh LED display solutionThe flagship outlet for shoe brand Sketchers, based in New York's Times Square over in the US, has recently undergone a major makeover, courtesy of a brand new LED display system.

A total of seven large scale LED displays have been integrated into the design of the store, five of which are mounted on the exterior, to attract customers and also fit in with the dazzling and famous setting in which the outlet is based.

Two of the LED displays are considered to be central to the new setup, each of which has a high resolution panel. The total area covered by the screens is around 700 square feet and the screens were designs by Daktronics.

Sketchers spokesperson, Marc Rooney, said that the use of LED displays has made it possible to imbue the store with the kind of vibrant, full motion video content which would not have been possible to achieve on the same scale prior to the installation.

Because this is a key location for Sketchers, visited not only by domestic customers but by tourists, it needs to think about its global brand reputation, not just how the shop will perform in terms of sales.

The modular nature of the LED systems that have been deployed at the store made it easy for designers to arrange them appropriately, rather than having to settle for a one size fits all approach.

The screens are also completely weatherproof and endowed with enhanced contrast ratios, thanks to the darker nature of the screen, which helps to deliver impressive black levels, as well as high definition playback.

Putting up new LED displays in Times Square is a tough task, mostly because it can be hard to get them noticed. But the Sketchers store seems to have made this possible.

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