The Bar upgrading to a Bigger & Better outdoor TV Screen

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The screen above was recently installed in the garden of a popular Bar in Birmingham, replacing a smaller screen that we installed some 5 years ago. The Bar owner decided that the screen was such a success that he has upgraded it to a better resolution and a much larger screen.  His customers love it as they can watch live TV and he has said that he will re-coup his investment within a few weeks with increased revenue.

The new screen is almost 5 metres by 3 metres and is certainly big enough for all the customers to get a good view of the action as it happens. The previous screen was approximately 3 metres by 2 metres, so the new screen is quite an upgrade and with technology changing all the time, he has the very best option at the moment.

Outdoor and Garden TV entertainment has been proven to increase customer numbers creating new revenue opportunities with additional food and drink sales. More customers staying longer to watch sporting events will increase your turnover and your profits.

Once word gets around, and customers hear that you have an outdoor TV screen then your establishment will be the place to go for live TV!  Customers are more likely to make your pub or bar the venue of choice to watch sporting events, potentially bringing their friends and family and growing your customer numbers and your profits.

Another successful install by LEDsynergy!

I would recommend LED Synergy to anyone considering purchasing an LED sign. We have had so many compliments since it was installed and it has been a valuable asset.

Tom Hughes

OSI Food Solutions