Super-efficient modules for LED signs revealed

Super-efficient modules for LED signs revealedAn LED signage manufacturer has unveiled its most efficient and environmentally friendly modules to grace the industry to date, allowing for longer life spans and reduced costs.

Permlight for Signs has debuted the OmniStar modules for LED signs, promising that each will be able to last for more than 11 years on a 12 hour cycle, or the equivalent of 50,000 hours of operation.

This lengthy life cycle and energy efficiency is combined with high brightness to make sure that the LED signs which are created using the technology will be eminently visible and able to make an impact wherever they are used.

Permlight promises that the modules for LED signs will have unrivalled consistency of colour thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques which have been developed by the firm.

Spokesperson, William Hamm, said that the LED industry was well known for its eco-friendly credentials compared to traditional lighting and signage. He explained while this was obviously a benefit of the new signage technology, the other aspects of the modules were equally strong, with impressive viewing angles of up to 155 degrees enhancing the visibility of signs even further.

The modules are light and can easily be mounted in a variety of situations and on a large number of surfaces. This is obviously useful, as LED signs can be installed for any number of purposes, providing information, entertainment and warnings as appropriate, so flexibility is a benefit.

The OmniStar modules will be able to operate underwater at depths of over three feet, thanks to the IP68 certification which they have received, adding ruggedness to the list of qualities possessed by the resultant LED signs.

Any new innovations in the LED industry are always worth noting, particularly when they are made without sacrificing all-important energy efficiency.

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