Spanish bank incorporates large scale LED display

Spanish bank incorporates large scale LED displayAcross the world you will find large scale LED displays in a number of locations, from sports stadiums and conference centres, to airports and gig venues.

However, the largest LED display in Spain can be found in a bank located in the heart of Madrid, which is certainly a change of pace for this type of technology.

Banking group, BBVA, has chosen to outfit its flagship location in the Spanish capital with an LED display which measures 63 feet across the diagonal, outdoing similar displays found in other locations in the country.

The LED display is now used to showcase a dynamic array of content and is regularly updated with the latest news headlines and weather forecasts, so that visitors and passersby will be kept up to date.

The main purpose of the LED display is of course to actively promote the bank itself and it is used in order to publicise the latest offers which are available to customers who actually venture inside.

Other areas of the bank have been streamlined to make the customer experience all the more pleasurable.

For example, there are tablet computers and touch screen kiosks which can be used to organise the queuing inside, allowing customers to relax and wait their turn, while remaining entertained in the process.

In the process of updating the bank and installing the LED, the managers also introduced a new self service platform, which means that customers are able to actually deal with many common queries or transactions themselves, freeing up staff to address more complex issues.

It will be interesting to see whether this LED display will spark a trend that ends with many more banks and financial institutions taking similar steps, to make a big screen impact on their own premises.

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