Space shuttle exhibit gets LED display

Space shuttle exhibit gets LED displayAlthough space shuttles may no longer be used to catapult astronauts out of the earth's atmosphere, they remain a revered development in extra-planetary exploration.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis has recently taken up residence at the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex over in Florida and, last week, it was announced that the exhibit in which it features has also received a large scale LED display to entertain amateur space fans.

The LED display is 20 feet high and measures a whopping 110 feet across, making it one of the biggest indoor screens of its kind in America.

The LED display sits behind the hulk of the shuttle itself, providing an excellent backdrop against which the imagery of an Earth orbit can be simulated, to make the machine look like it is still suspended in the frigid void of space.

The screen is made up of 800 individual LED modules, which gives it a combined resolution of close to three megapixels, as well as impressive viewing angles, which help to enhance the impact of the full motion visuals that it showcases.

Spokesperson, Sat Narayanan, said that the LED display had the ability to give the impression of movement, so that the shuttle exhibit can re-imagine the glory days of the Atlantis before it was put out to pasture back in 2011.

The exhibit opened earlier in the summer and marks the 30 years during which the space shuttle program was operated by NASA.

The shuttle itself is not suspended prosaically, but instead mounted at an angle of 43 degrees, so that it appears to float and also gives visitors a good view inside and from all other points.

The attraction is likely to stay in place for some time and people from across the world will be visiting.

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