South African skyscraper gets large scale LED display

South African skyscraper gets large scale LED displayAbsa Tower in Johannesburg, South Africa, has recently received a bit of a makeover, courtesy of a new LED display.

Many major companies are choosing to fit out their headquarters with bold screens, in an effort to establish a brand and this is no different.

What does make this particular LED display special is that it actually wraps around to cover all four sides of the tower, effectively crowning it with an attractive and impactful piece of visual art.

The total area covered by the LED display is 2,650 square meters and the designers included an impressive 2,880 individual LED panels into its construction.

It is estimated that almost 20 million LEDs are used in the new display and it will not only be used for showcasing the Absa brand, but will also allow it to market particular products and services, as and when appropriate.

Spokesperson, Marc Herring, said that the LED display was chosen because the company was in need of a highly visible and impressively durable solution, for this prominently positioned building.

The LED display is an impressive product in itself, allowing for a single operator to control all aspects of its output. In addition, it is possible to use every square inch of it as a single, cohesive screen, in spite of the fact that it uses so many different panels and is mounted across four sides of the tower.

The company expects that it will make significant savings, thanks to the use of LED technology, which is reported to use about 50 per cent less energy than an alternative display solution, which was also under consideration.

The Absa Tower display will likely come to define the skyline of Johannesburg over the coming months and years.

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