Solar powered LED display developed in Bulgaria

Solar powered LED display developed in BulgariaBulgarian LED display developer,Megatex, has come up with a unique screen which has an integrated solar power solution - meaning that it draws its energy from the sun rather than from traditional electricity supplies.

This solar-powered LED display is not just a dinky prototype but a fully fledged advertising powerhouse which is intended to be used outdoors at sporting events, concerts and conventions.

The LED display will pull power from the 5kW solar panel and while it has obvious applications at stadia and in other arenas, it is able to be used as an LED board in places where it is impractical to run an electrical current from a mains grid.

For example, this LED display would be simple to erect and operate in remote areas such as the side of motorways, providing engaging content to millions of consumers, without the electrical requirements typically associated with this type of system.

Megatex is 22 years old and it says that this solar powered LED board will be another breakthrough after years of building its business from basic roots.

The LED display will be made available to clients across the world and it is likely to be popular as it is a very eco-friendly solution, with LED consuming minimal power and therefore making them perfect candidates for a solar panel solution.

In 2010, Megatex managed to sell 30,000 of its own brand LED boards around the world and the integration of solar power into this new model is likely to boost its sales further as 2011 progresses.

Businesses are always looking for new ways to become more efficient and this LED board allows for a progressive approach to power, while actually improving on the technology which it replaces, with no compromise to sour the deal.

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