Software beams Osmonds from LED screens

Software beams Osmonds from LED screensA well-renowned Las Vegas show is benefitting from new software used with LED screens.

The Donny and Marie show is regularly beamed from the city's Flamingo Hotel and Casino via LED displays, Advanced Imaging Pro reports.

A recent partnership between Tours by Sloan and Broadcast Pix sees the introduction of the Slate 5016HD, which allows producers more control over images on the screens.

At present, three screens are installed in the venue and the integration of the software means that images can be cropped or stretched.

Simon Greaves, live-event video director for Tours by Sloan, explained that the software does not compromise the quality of the LED's images.

"I don't have to worry about images being distorted," he told the publication.

"We're definitely pushing this equipment hard and exploiting its output capabilities, putting one image across three screens and the like."

In other news, a Serbian reality television programme recently installed LED screens to enhance audience enjoyment of the show.

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