Sharp launches largest consumer LED display to date

Sharp launches largest consumer LED display to dateThe LED market has been growing rapidly ever since the introduction of LED backlit displays into the HDTV sector, but now manufacturer Sharp has proved that size is no limitation on this technology.

This week, the firm pulled back the curtains on the Aquos LC-90LE745U LED TV and if you dig amongst the characters of its name you might be able to work out that this display measures an impressive 90 inches across the diagonal.

Previous LED displays produced by Sharp have maxed out at 80 inches, with most that are sold to consumers coming in at less than 50 inches in size, due to perceived constraints of the technology as well as price.

However, Sharp has clearly pushed the boundaries with its new 90 inch LED display and it features a wealth of other high end functions, including active shutter stereoscopic 3D and integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. Once you are hooked up to a broadband connection you can use social networking services and access video streaming via popular services like Netflix.

The web connectivity comes in handy for one of Sharp's other innovations; namely the Aquos Advantage Live service, which lets engineers remotely tap into your TV to check out any issues as they arise.

Five hundred LEDs are used to provide the backlighting for this HDTV and because of the efficiency of these modules, the manufacturer estimates that it will cost you around £20 in electricity to run it for 12 months.

As long as you are able to sit a minimum of seven feet from the new 90 inch Aquos LED display, you will not notice the individual pixels and, as long as you can stomach the reported £7,000 asking price, there is a lot to like about this dynamic screen.

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