Sharp brings 4K resolution to 32 inch LED display

Sharp brings 4K resolution to 32 inch LED displayLED displays have been outpacing traditionally backlit screens in both commercial and consumer markets for the last few years, but so far, the resolution barrier of 1080p, otherwise known as full HD, has yet to be breached at the lower end of the panel size scale.

Japanese manufacturer, Sharp, is hoping to change all that with the introduction of a slim LED display, which has a 4K resolution, effectively giving the screen a native pixel count of 3840x2160. In addition, these displays will measure just 32 inches across the diagonal, which puts them in a consumer-friendly bracket, rather than restricting them solely to use in commercial environments.

The screen itself will measure just 35mm thick, which is impressive even for an LED display. You will get the normal array of inputs including HDMI and DisplayPort, which might make the technology viable for Apple's next generation of own-branded screens.

Sharp will reportedly be looking to pump out just 1500 of these new displays each month, according to a report from CNET.

At the moment, there is no word on how much it will charge or whether they will hit markets outside of Japan, but it does present a promising picture of what should be more widely available in the future.

Sharp is looking to bring full HD 1080p panels with LED backlighting to the mobile market in the coming months, since it is working on a five inch display with this resolution.

The iPhone's Retina Display, which first arrived in 2010, revealed that slim yet significantly detailed screens would be a viable option for portable devices. However, the 326ppi density of the Retina Display is outshone by the 443ppi boasted by Sharp's new mobile creation.

Hopefully, Sharp's efforts to improve screen quality with LED technology in a variety of market sectors, will help encourage competitors to do the same.

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