Screen-Blocking Glasses Smashes Kickstarter Goals

The future of advertising through bespoke LED displays remains bright, especially as technology advances. However, on the technology front, we’re just bringing an interesting new product to your attention which might not be your favourite thing if you rely on LED displays for your marketing.

When you use your internet browser, there are add-ons you can use to block the appearance of adverts on websites, hiding them from view. This is usually only used by people who really have a problem with seeing adverts - it’s not your everyday desire - however now, an inventor has created a pair of glasses which do almost the same thing in real life.

According to the Metro, the so-called ‘IRL Glasses’ are designed by flattening and rotating the polarised lens by 90 degrees, meaning that light from both LED and LCD displays are blocked. This results in screens looking like they are off when viewed through the glasses.

The creator, Ivan Cash, launched his idea on Kickstarter, where feedback has been beyond positive: “there’s a certain demographic of people who would be drawn to IRL glasses that are already in this headspace of “technology isn’t just good; we want to find balance.” I’m happy for them to get a pair of glasses,” he says.

Looking for an investment of $25,000 to bring the product to market, the Kickstarter project closed on over $150,000 and its thought the product will be available for sale to those who haven’t already invested in a pair by April 2019, and cost just $40. It may be a novelty item for now, but it will be interesting to see how the general public choose to use these glasses.

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