Samsung Cinema LED Screen Launches In Switzerland

Cinemagoers in Switzerland will be able to benefit from high-resolution LED displays when they watch their next movie, as Samsung has launched its latest cinema LED screen in Zurich.

The screen has 24 million LEDs and stretches 10.2m by 5.4m, offering viewers colour brilliance, sharpness and luminosity; the cinema also has a new sound system.

Swiss entrepreneur Edi Stockli is installing the screen – the first cinema LED display in a movie theatre in Europe – at his Arena Silhcity complex in Zurich.

Mr Stockli said: “We have removed the complete furnishings, implemented an innovative seating concept and consequently are providing the audience with the ultimate cinematic experience.”

The screen itself is unique as it consists of 96 individual modules, and these can be replaced separately.

There is also no projection beam and its 4,096 by 2,160-pixel screen creates both ‘flat’ and ‘scope’ formats and images that are always sharp and aligned. It also has high-precision calibration, giving the impression of a solid black wall instead of dark grey stripes from projectors. Therefore, when the screen goes black, the cinema is really in pitch black due to the lack of reflections.

The LED technology provides a luminous intensity of up to 146 foot-lambert, and films in high dynamic range format can be played easily, while maintaining colour brilliance at all times.

Another advantage of LED screens is their ability to showcase 3D to their full potential.

Samsung hopes to launch the screen with other movie theatres throughout the year and plans to bring the technology to the UK before 2018 is out.

It is not just cinemas that are being transformed with LED screens, and many other businesses are aiming to boost viewers’ experience by investing in the new technology.

Indeed, according to the Global LED Services Market Research and Forecast 2017-2022 report, the LED market is set to achieve a growth rate of 24 per cent between 2017 and 2022.

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