Rural Nepal receives LED lights

Rural Nepal receives LED lightsVillagers in Nepal will soon receive LED lights thanks to a new scheme.

The Light Up the World Foundation is taking a team of Canadian teenagers to the country so they can donate LED lights to rural residents, the Daily Post reports.

The charity is dedicated to introducing the innovative technology into the area in a bid to improve the literacy of Nepalese children.

Jacqueline Evershed, campaigner, explained that villagers currently use kerosene lamps which are expensive to fuel.

In addition, toxins from the lamps can negatively affect the villagers' health.

"They don't have proper infrastructure; they don't have electricity. They only have kerosene lamps," she told the paper.

"It isn't good for children to sit at home and work with kerosene lamps. These kerosene lamps are fire hazards, health hazards and they are environmentally unfriendly."

The foundation has been delivering LED lights to villagers in Costa Rica since 2005.

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