Quantum dot LED technology developed

Quantum dot LED technology developedThe next generation of LED display technology has been created by South Korean manufacturer LG. Although most people are just starting to get used to the idea of Organic LEDs (OLED), now LG is working on Quantum-Dot LED displays (QLED), which will represent several steps forward towards a greener, brighter future.

LG worked in partnership with QD Vision to make these advances and, according to reports, the displays based on QLED technology will not only be two times more energy efficient than even the low-power OLED displays, but they will also manage to squeeze up to 40 per cent more brightness out of a minimal current.

Even standard LEDs are considered to be a much better solution than incandescent bulbs because they do not waste as much energy through heat, while OLEDs take this a step further, with a smaller, more flexible construction that makes them versatile and able to feature in devices of all kinds.

With Quantum Dot LED displays on the way, we can expect to see future generations of smartphones and other portable devices benefitting from greatly reduced power consumption and, consequently, longer battery life, while large scale LED signage will also be able to benefit from this innovation to provide brighter, more vibrant indoor and outdoor displays, which save the operators significantly on their electricity bills.

At the moment even OLED display technology is limited in its availability and commercial OLED televisions which are affordable to the general public, are still some years away. However, QLED developments could help to push this forward and eventually result in improved pricing for all.

With outdoor LED boards, the visibility and contrast ratio are important as lighting conditions will change. By using the bright, adaptable capabilities of QLED technology, the next generation of sports fans will be able to enjoy even better performance from the big screens.

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