Portable headlight boasts LED bulb

Portable headlight boasts LED bulbLED lights have been incorporated into medical equipment to help dentists while they perform tricky procedures.

Created by PeriOptix, the Solaris portable headlight system features an LED bulb, which provides high quality light during dental treatments.

The LED bulb is incorporated into a loupe that medical personnel wear on their heads to magnify areas they are working on.

Each light runs on efficient lithium batteries, which can provide five hours of light, while the bulb itself lasts significantly longer than traditional incandescent kinds.

Roslyn Tholin, head of marketing at the company, explained that the loupe could benefit a range of medical practitioners.

"We want doctors to see how powerful our new Solaris headlight is and to give dental professionals the opportunity to evaluate firsthand the quality and value our dental loupes provide," she said.

Elsewhere, a US fertility clinic recently purchased LED lights for its treatment rooms due to the improved quality of light offered by the bulbs.

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