Plymouth Pub Given Makeover With LED Signs


Plymouth residents will see one of their favourite pubs transformed next year, with proposals for the face of Union Rooms to be updated having been submitted to the local authority.

Plans for the public house to be given a facelift have been handed into Plymouth City Council to make it look more modern and attractive to passers by, the Plymouth Herald reported.

The Wetherspoons pub is well-known in the city, although its façade has aged over the years.

That is why a spokesperson for the chain of pubs said: “We are redecorating the whole of the external elevation and replacing the existing signage with an entirely new scheme.”

Among the proposals that have been presented to the council are plans to update the entrance with bespoke LED displays and illuminating letters. This is in addition to built-in entrance spotlights and single-sided timber boards on the side of the building with push-through LED letters.

It is thought the renovation work will cost approximately £80,000, with one set of LED displays being installed on The Crescent-facing side of the building as well as two signs outside the smoking area.

While Union Rooms is one of five Wetherspoons’ pubs in Plymouth, the chain has not put forward proposals to update any of the other establishments.

It is not surprising that the installation of modern LED displays features heavily in the renovation work, as Global Market Insights recently revealed the outdoor LED market is growing exponentially.

Broadway World reported research that estimated the market will reach $22.4 billion (£16.8 billion) over the next six years.

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