Pier to launch LED light project

Pier to launch LED light projectLED lights could soon adorn a pier as part of a North Somerset renovation project.

Michelle and Kerry Michael, owners of the Grand Pier, Weston-super-Mare, recently submitted plans to repair the tourist attraction, the Weston Gazette reports.

Last year saw a devastating fire destroy the pier but if the proposals were implemented it would reopen by 2010.

Plans include incorporating blue and green LED lights into the piers walkways, while the attraction's supporting structures may also be adorned with the innovative bulbs.

Ms Michael explained that the LED lights would be an attractive addition to the night-time landscape of the town and will help to save money.

"We have always felt that the lighting would be important," she told the paper.

"The technology available today means that it can be achieved in an environmentally-efficient and money-saving way once the initial capital outlay has been made."

Meanwhile, officials from a Hertfordshire town recently incorporated LED lights into a 170-year-old bridge.

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