Oscars get multiple LED screens

Oscars get multiple LED screensSome 25 LED screens will be installed for the 81st Academy Awards show.

The world-famous ceremony is set to take place on February 22nd in California and features sets designed by architect David Rockwell.

Mr Rockwell is keeping most details of the set design secret although he has revealed that it will boast 20 mobile LED screens.

The displays replace the singular board normally used for the ceremony and are expected to show more of the action from the event.

Stars of the screen will be displayed on a further five screens which are programmed to provide background information regarding the event and its celebrity guests.

Mr Rockwell explained that the LED screens will complement the show.

"We wanted to use a surprising and dramatic integration of technology and movement to celebrate the awards ceremony, which has become one of the greatest shared rituals of our time," he said.

Meanwhile, Las Vegas venue the Flamingo recently installed LED screens to display its Donny and Marie Osmond show.

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