Organic LED displays prepped for pre-Olympic launch

Organic LED displays prepped for pre-Olympic launchRival manufacturers Samsung and LG are apparently both planning to officially debut their own Organic LED (OLED) TVs before the summer Olympics in London this year.

Many display manufacturers pick a big sporting event to help launch their latest technology, since it is easier to convince consumers that they need the biggest and the best screen in order to make the most out of the action.

Digitimes reports that LG is actually ahead of the curve and is planning to put its OLED displays on the European market by next month. Samsung is likely to be hot on its heels, although with early adoption it is usually a case of first come first served.

Samsung is actually one of the major sponsors for the London 2012 Olympics, so giving users the chance to indulge in next-gen display technology ahead of the games is a sensible move.

It is worth bearing in mind that the OLED displays will probably be prohibitively expensive in the early days, with no real mass market production of this type of technology expected for at least a few more years.

However, for those who have thousands of pounds to spend on a cutting edge LED display which is slimmer, lighter and miles better in terms of picture quality, the promise of an impending OLED TV launch will be an exciting one.

Samsung is expected to pull back the curtains on a revised OLED TV during the IFA 2012 conference, although it was during the Consumer Electronics Show at the start of the year that its first large scale OLED screens were revealed.

LED displays are beginning to permeate even more of the consumer market, but the next big leap to OLED will be the most significant alteration made yet.

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