Organic LED Displays expected to boom in 2011

Organic LED Displays expected to boom in 2011The use of organic LED displays is expected to grow once again over the next 12 months, after a spokesperson for Universal Display Corporation (UDC), announced that 2010 had seen close to a 100 per cent increase in sales for associated component chemicals which power the production of organic LED displays.

South Korean manufacturers Samsung and LG Electronics are being touted by UDC, as the two firms responsible for the explosion in the availability and popularity of organic LED displays, particularly in the mobile phone market, where more high-end handsets are taking advantage of the technology.

UDC's Steve Abramson, said that the organic LED displays market would be reaching a critical mass in 2011, allowing it to spill over into the mainstream and become far more widely recognised by businesses and consumers.

Mr Abramson said that the increased attention on organic LED displays could be so great that we start to see the first large scale screens for commercial use which feature this technology.

The first step to larger display sizes is thought to be the creation of tablet computers featuring organic LED displays. Samsung has already revealed a prototype tablet with a seven inch OLED screen and as demand grows and production techniques improve, there will likely be an increasing number of larger displays on the market, according to

Samsung is investing almost �3 billion in creating production facilities to fuel the OLED market over the next 12 months and it is not the only firm working in this area, so the competition and investment is reaching boiling point at just the right time.

LG will have the ability to create OLED displays measuring up to 55 inches across in the coming year, making them the perfect size for home entertainment and signage.

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